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Published on 05/23/24 / In How-to & Learning

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Welcome to our YouTube channel, where we provide an insightful overview of the Azure DevOps Full Course! In this video on Azure DevOps Tutorial, we'll introduce you to the key features and benefits of Azure DevOps, Microsoft's all-in-one DevOps solution.

Azure DevOps is a comprehensive suite of tools, services, and features that empower development teams to collaborate effectively, automate workflows, and deliver high-quality software at scale. It offers a unified platform that supports the entire software development lifecycle, from planning and coding to testing, deployment, and monitoring.

The core services of Azure DevOps include Azure boards, azure repos, azure pipelines, azure test plans, and Azure artifacts.

Azure DevOps integrates seamlessly with popular development tools, platforms, and cloud providers, including Azure, GitHub, and Jenkins. It offers a rich ecosystem of extensions and integrations that can enhance your development workflows and adapt to your specific requirements.

Whether you're a software developer, project manager, or IT professional, Azure DevOps provides a comprehensive and flexible solution to optimize your development and delivery processes. Join us on this channel as we dive deeper into each service and provide practical tutorials and best practices to help you leverage Azure DevOps effectively. Subscribe now and stay tuned for more exciting content!

📚 Course Curriculum:
00:00:00 - Introduction to Azure
00:12:12 - What is DevOps?
00:19:59 - Introduction to Azure DevOps Services
00:39:54 - Azure Repo, Local Repo, & Cloning Repository
02:17:52 - What is Azure Repos?
02:33:20 - Using Git and TVFC in Azure Repos
02:34:19 - Azure Repos Integrations
02:36:32 - Aure DevOps Architecture
02:44:52 - Hands-On Azure Repos with GitHub
02:52:28 - Hands-On 2
03:07:11 - What is Azure Artifacts?
03:11:52 - Working with Packages?
03:15:44 - Feeds, Views, and Upstream Sources
03:24:23 - Connecting to Azure Pipelines
03:28:03 - What are Azure Test Plans
03:29:48 - Exploratory and Manual Testing
03:37:15 - Test from Kanban Boards
03:45:58 - Hands-On
05:03:53 - Deploy to Azure
05:04:33 - Key Concepts in Pipelines
05:17:30 - Hands-On
08:37:18 - Azure Interview Question
08:59:25 - DevOps Interview Questions

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