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Machine Learning
Published on 05/12/24 / In How-to & Learning

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In this Data Science Course video, you'll learn the basics of data science, from statistics and machine learning to advanced topics like natural language processing and deep learning. You'll learn to collect, clean, and analyze data, build machine-learning models, and communicate your findings to stakeholders.

🔵 Here is a breakdown of the topics covered in the video:

00:00:00 - Introduction
00:02:43 - How to Master Data Science
00:14:50 - Demand for Data Science Professionals
00:28:24 - Data Science Learning Path
00:35:52 - Statistics & Probability
00:57:26 - What is Statistics?
01:39:19 - What is probability?
01:55:06 - Bayesian tree
02:52:13 - Sampling distribution
03:23:25 - Systematic Sampling
04:01:18 - Introduction to Numpy Array
04:37:32 - Numpy Indexing and Slicing
04:43:15 - Array Manipulation
05:04:33 - Introduction to Pandas
06:13:50 - Introduction to Matplotlib
06:17:09 - Types of Plots in Python
06:29:59 - Line plots
06:45:51 - Bar charts
06:50:18 - Scatter plots
06:54:21 - Histogram
07:26:51 - Pie charts
08:20:02 - Introduction to Machine Learning
08:21:13 - Types of machine learning
08:36:41 - Logistic Regression
08:44:34 - Data Visualization
10:08:52 - Data Science Interview Questions & Answers

This video on Data Science Courses For Beginners is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the skills they need to become a data scientist. Whether you're a student, a working professional, or just someone who's interested in learning more about data science, this video is for you.

Enroll today and start your journey to becoming a Data Scientist!

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