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Full Stack Web Development Course 2024 | Complete Full Stack Developer Course | Intellipaat

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Published on 05/18/24 / In How-to & Learning

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This Full Stack Web Development Course covers all the important skill sets required to get you a Full Stack Web Developer job!

This Full Stack Web Development Course will cover Introduction To Full Stack Web Development, Pre - Requisites of HTML, Fundamentals of HTML, Fundamentals of CSS, Interactivity using, Javascript, Introduction to NodeJS, NodeWebToolkit, Introduction to UI with React, Fundamentals of ReactJS, Project on Creating React App, Difference Between Angular and React. In the end, we’ll also discuss Full Stack Web Development Interview Questions.

This Full Stack Web Development Course video is suitable for those individuals who aspire to become Full Stack Web Developers.

✅ What is the full-stack developer in 2024?
Every full-stack developer should be familiar with skills: CSS and HTML ExpressJS and NodeJS Database administration systems Version management Platforms for web hosting, etc. Which stack will be in demand in 2024? In 2024, ReactJS and NodeJS will be two of the most popular web development stacks

🔵 Following topics are covered in this Full Stack Web Development Course:
00:00:00 - Introduction
00:02:47- Introduction To Full Stack Web Development
00:04:44 - Basic Components of a WebPage
00:10:56 - What is Web Hosting?
00:21:21 - Types of Networks
00:24:14 - EMBED Tag
00:46:36 - Who to Register a Website Name?
00:54:23 - Overview of CPanel
01:19:52 - Upload HTML Files Using the FTP Application
01:36:23 - Different Ways to Add CSS
01:42:35 - Fundamentals of CSS
01:54:59 - CSS Selectors
02:14:22 - What is Pseudo-Elements?
02:41:42 - Static Webpage vs Dynamic Webpage
02:45:47 - Embedding JavaScript in HTML Files
02:59:49 - Operators in JavaScript
03:08:54 - Loops in JavaScript
03:18:46 - Hands-On: DOM Manipulation
03:36:17 - Pop-Up Boxes in JavaScript
03:48:39 - Introduction to NodeJS
05:00:27 - NodeWebToolkit
07:03:21 - Fundamentals of ReactJS
08:53:15 - What is ReactJS?
09:03:41 - UI without ReactJS
09:53:56 - Lifecycle Methods
10:10:49 - Hands-On: Creating a React Component
10:53:48 - What is Bootstrap?
11:13:14 - Difference Between Angular and React
11:23:40 - Full Stack Web Development Interview Questions

➡️ About the Course
Our Full Stack Developer course will help you gain expertise in the latest front-end and back-end technologies of Application Development. Gain hands-on experience with skills and technologies such as SQL, Java, Data Structures, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, React, etc. under the guidance of industry professionals. Get an executive post-graduation Full Stack Developer certification from iHUB DivyaSampark, IIT Roorkee & Microsoft to advance your career!

➡️Who should take this course?
☑️Anyone with a bachelor’s degree and a passion for full-stack web development
☑️Professionals looking to grow their careers in software development
☑️IT professionals with a bachelor’s degree looking to transition to full-stack development
☑️Project managers/product managers looking to up-skill
☑️Anyone who wants to build a full-stack developer portfolio

✅ Key Features - (Course Features)
👉🏼12 months live online instructor-led sessions
👉🏼100 Hrs Self-paced Videos
👉🏼300 Hrs Project & Exercises
👉🏼Learn from IIT Faculty & Industry Experts

What’s Covered in This Program? -
✅Programming Fundamentals
✅Object Oriented Programming
✅Exception Handling and Threading
✅Data Structures and Algorithms
✅Front End Development
✅Back End Development
✅System Design

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📚For more information, please write back to us at sales@intellipaat.com or call us at IND: 7847955955 / USA: 1-800-216-8930

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