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Machine Learning 9 - Backpropagation | Stanford CS221: AI (Autumn 2021)

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Published on 06/02/23 / In How-to & Learning

For more information about Stanford's Artificial Intelligence professional and graduate programs visit: https://stanford.io/ai

Associate Professor Percy Liang
Associate Professor of Computer Science and Statistics (courtesy)

Assistant Professor Dorsa Sadigh
Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department & Electrical Engineering Department

To follow along with the course schedule and syllabus, visit:

0:00 Introduction
0:06 Machine learning backpropagation
0:18 Motivation: regression with four-layer neural networks
2:09 Computation graphs
3:26 Functions as boxes
6:11 Basic building blocks
8:40 Function composition
10:02 Linear classification with hinge loss
13:45 Two-layer neural networks
24:17 A note on optimization
25:55 How to train neural networks
29:21 Summary

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