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Pointers in C for Absolute Beginners – Full Course

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Published on 10/01/23 / In How-to & Learning

Finally understand pointers in C in this course for absolute beginners. Pointers are variables that store the memory address of another variable. They "point" to the location of data in memory. With a bunch of examples, this course demystifies pointers and their various uses, covering topics such as passing by reference vs. value, void pointers, arrays, and more.

✏️ Course created by @onaecO

⭐️ Contents ⭐️
(0:00:00) Introduction
(0:00:39) What is a computer eli5 CPU, RAM, bytes
(0:08:04) Data Types
(0:13:31) Intro to processes
(0:16:44) process memory layout
(0:19:17) Variables in memory
(0:23:01) Naive change_value program
(0:28:05) Change_value with pointers
(0:33:03) The classic swap
(0:34:05) Why declaration and dereference have the same syntax for pointers?
(0:38:39) Advantages of passing by reference va passing by value
(0:45:26) Why do pointers to different data types have the same size?
(0:47:49) Given that pointers have all the same size, why do we need a pointer type?
(0:58:16) void pointers are confusing
(1:00:14) why malloc is handy and more on void*
(1:09:09) Are arrays just pointers?
(1:25:00) Array Decay into a pointer
(1:32:59) why array decay is useful?
(1:37:49) arr[5] == 5[arr]
(1:39:04) pointers to pointers: **argv
(1:47:11) *argv[] or **argv?
(1:52:41) pointer to functions
(1:59:02) use case with pointers to functions

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