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Professional Certificate Course In AI And Machine Learning by IIT Kanpur | Enroll Now! | Simplilearn

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Published on 05/28/23 / In How-to & Learning

🔥 Professional Certificate Course In AI And Machine Learning: https://www.simplilearn.com/iitk-professional-certificate-course-ai-machine-learning?utm_campaign=28May2023ProfessionalCertificationAIMLIITKanpurUnboxing&utm_medium=Descriptionff&utm_source=youtube
This Machine Learning course will equip you with coveted skills in ML, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, NLP, Generative AI, Explainable AI, ChatGPT, and more. Through masterclasses from IIT Kanpur faculty, live classes from industry experts, and hands-on projects, stay ahead in the AI field.

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✅ About Professional Certificate Course In AI And Machine Learning
This course is designed to boost your AI and ML career by providing a comprehensive understanding of all current facets of these technologies, such as deep learning, computer vision, and more. You will also gain access to 4 live sessions on some of the latest developments in the AI field such as Generative AI, ChatGPT, Explainable AI and much more.

✅ Key features
- Program completion certificate from E&ICT Academy, IIT Kanpur
- Simplilearn's JobAssist helps you get noticed by top hiring companies
- Attend 4 live sessions on the latest AI trends such as ChatGPT, generative AI, explainable AI, and more
- Masterclasses delivered by distinguished IIT Kanpur faculty
- 25+ hands-on projects
- Comprehensive curriculum with a wide array of AI tools and technologies such as ChatGPT, Django, Flask, Keras, and more
- Learn about the applications of ChatGPT, OpenAI, Dall-E, Midjourney & other tools
- Capstone projects in 3 domains
- Seamless access to integrated labs
- 8X higher interaction in live online classes by industry experts
- Machine Learning Course Advantage

✅ Skills Covered
- Statistics
- Python
- Supervised Learning
- ChatGPT
- Generative AI
- Neural Networks
- GANs
- Deep Learning
- Reinforcement Learning
- Speech Recognition
- Ensemble Learning
- Computer Vision
- Chatbot
- Recommendation Systems
- Unsupervised Learning
- Explainable AI
- Generative Modeling

✅ Tools Covered
- Python
- TensorFlow
- Keras
- ChatGPT
- matplotlib
- django
- Flask
- OpenCV
- DALL E 2

🔥 Professional Certificate Course In AI And Machine Learning: https://www.simplilearn.com/iitk-professional-certificate-course-ai-machine-learning?utm_campaign=28May2023ProfessionalCertificationAIMLIITKanpurUnboxing&utm_medium=Description&utm_source=youtube
🔥🔥 *Interested in Attending Live Classes? Call Us:* IN - 18002127688 / US - +18445327688
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