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Random Forest Algorithm - Random Forest Explained | Random Forest in Machine Learning | Simplilearn

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Published on 05/24/23 / In How-to & Learning

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This Random Forest Algorithm tutorial will explain how the Random Forest algorithm works. By the end of this video, you will be able to understand what is Machine Learning, what is a Classification problem, applications of Random Forest, why we need Random Forest, how it works with simple examples, and how to implement a Random Forest algorithm in Machine Learning. This video is a part of the Machine Learning with Python Series.

Below are the topics covered in this Random Forest Algorithm tutorial:
00:00 - 02:08 Applications of Random Forest Algorithm
02:08 - 02:59 Agenda
02:59 - 04:07 Classification Algorithms
04:07 - 05:36 Why Random Forest?
05:36 - 06:40 What is Random Forest Algorithm?
06:40 - 11:01 What is a Decision Tree?
11:01 - 14:18 How does the Decision Tree algorithm work?
14:18 - 17:27 How does the Random Forest algorithm work?
17:27 - 45:34 Use Case - IRIS Flower Analysis using Python

Dataset Link - https://drive.google.com/drive..../folders/1MQ5Nnhj3gs

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What is Random Forest Algorithm?
The random forest algorithm is a supervised machine learning algorithm that takes randomly selected data and creates different decision trees. It then makes the collection of votes from trees to decide the class of the test object.

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About Simplilearn Machine Learning course:

A form of artificial intelligence, Machine Learning is revolutionizing the world of computing as well as all people’s digital interactions. Machine Learning powers such innovative automated technologies as recommendation engines, facial recognition, fraud protection and even self-driving cars. This Machine Learning course prepares engineers, data scientists and other professionals with the knowledge and hands-on skills required for certification and job competency in Machine Learning.

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What skills will you learn from this Machine Learning course?

By the end of this Machine Learning course, you will be able to:

1. Master the concepts of supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning concepts and modeling.
2. Gain practical mastery over principles, algorithms, and applications of Machine Learning through a hands-on approach which includes working on 28 projects and one capstone project.
3. Acquire thorough knowledge of the mathematical and heuristic aspects of Machine Learning.
4. Understand the concepts and operation of support vector machines, kernel SVM, naive Bayes, decision tree classifier, random forest classifier, logistic regression, K-nearest neighbors, K-means clustering and more.

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Who should take this Machine Learning Training Course?

We recommend this Machine Learning training course for the following professionals in particular:

1. Developers aspiring to be a data scientist or Machine Learning engineer
2. Information architects who want to gain expertise in Machine Learning algorithms
3. Analytics professionals who want to work in Machine Learning or artificial intelligence
4. Graduates looking to build a career in data science and Machine Learning

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