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Published on 03/25/24 / In How-to & Learning

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In our modern world, having information is really important. Whether it's businesses making smart choices or researchers finding valuable information, using the huge amount of data out there is a big deal. But, dealing with all that data can be super hard because it's so big and complicated. That's where Tableau comes in – it's a super cool tool that helps us see and understand data in a whole new way. In this Tableau Full Course, we're going to Learn Tableau how Tableau works and how it can help us work with data better.

Throughout this Tableau Training for Beginners, we'll explore What Is Tableau, Tableau Features, Tableau Product Offerings, and Tableau Installation and Loading Dataset. Then we will learn about Dataset Exploration, What Is Data Visualization, and Why Tableau Is Better than other vendors we will also Discover Tableau's Interactive Dashboard and Features, Data Types In Tableau, Creating Charts and dashboards with Tableau Desktop and Different File Types in Tableau. After this, we will talk about Modes for Connecting Data With Tableau, Relationship, and database Join. Data Blend in Tableau, Different Tableau filters and Their Types, and QlikView vs. Tableau. Finally, we will go through the Most Commonly Asked Tableau Interview Questions. No matter if you really like working with data and want to get better at it or if you're a professional looking for a helpful tool in the world of data. Together, we'll find out how Tableau can change the way you work with data, making it easier to make smart decisions and create interesting stories using pictures and charts.

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🔵 In this Tableau Full Course, we will cover the following topics:
00:00:00 - Introduction
00:02:26 - What Is Tableau?
00:03:18 - Tableau Features
00:12:54 - Tableau Product Offerings
00:16:41 - Tableau Installation and Loading Dataset
00:20:18 - What Is Data Visualization?
00:35:52 - Why Tableau Is Better than Other Vendors
01:10:04 - Discovering Tableau's Interactive Dashboard and Features
01:23:26 - Data Types In Tableau
01:36:17 - Creating Charts & Dashboards with Tableau Desktop
05:03:54 - Modes for Connecting Data With Tableau
06:51:27 - Relationship, Cross Database Join. Data Blend in Tableau
10:17:48 - Different Tableau Filters and Their Types
10:45:44 - Most Commonly Asked Tableau Interview Questions

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