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Tutorial: The new amazing Photoshop AI Generative Fill features explained!

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Published on 06/02/23 / In How-to & Learning

Adobe has released a new Photoshop beta version that introduces game-changing AI features, changing the way you edit images and photos, particularly beneficial for photographers, graphic designers, and creators.

The first AI feature, "Generate Objects", lets users select a certain area of an image and then input text specifying a desired change. The tool uses AI to make this change, for example, changing hair color.

The second feature, "Generate Backgrounds", allows users to select the subject of a photo and then specify a new background, with AI then generating various samples.

The third AI feature, "Extend Image", helps in expanding the image boundaries by adding extra elements such as extending a sky or a sandy beach, based on a user's text prompt.

The fourth feature, "Remove Objects", helps in removing selected elements from a picture by selecting the area and leaving the text prompt empty, allowing AI to remove all elements within the frame.


0:00 Intro
0:31 The new AI imaging revolutions
1:40 The FOUR new Photoshop AI features
1:54 First feature: Generate Objects
3:47 Second feature: Generate Backgrounds
5:02 Third feature: Extend Images
7:07 Fourth feature: Remove Objects
8:08 Outro

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