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Using Chat GPT and AI in the Music Business

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Published on 06/02/23 / In How-to & Learning

Using Chat GPT and other AI in the Music Business

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Using some form of AI in the music business is not new. Something as simple as changing the key and tempo in a session in Logic is using AI in a simple form. But now we're headed toward something else. Not just AI music creation, but music marketing.

There have been creative AIs for a while now. Rytr can help finish an article. Writesonic can help start new ideas. Hell, Caktus can write a whole essay for you. And AI-generated images seem commonplace now. Sites like veed.io and invideo create videos FOR you. Tuneform and Headliner make visualizers. Making everyone less reliant on video producers. What about making music? It’s coming for us too. Sites like sounddraw.io can make AI-generated instrumentals and beats. Open AI’s MuseNet can make full compositions automatically with midi files. Jarvis Lyrics can write full lyrics for a song, and Uberduck can generate rappers' voices. Sites like Stemmer can mix the song, and there are a ton of online mastering options like BadLab and LANDR. and Jukebox makes full damn songs. Lyrics and instruments.

I’m no music critic or audiophile but fully AI made songs…sound as such…for now. There’s a real disconnect between the song and the listener, and I’m not sure how that gap is going to be filled yet. That being said, to be clear, AI can write the lyrics, sing the lyrics, play the instruments, mix the song, master the song, and create video content for the song.

So, how do we get out in front of all this AI? Use it of course!

You know that saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer? That’s what we’re going to do. Some of you may have heard of ChatGPT. It’s all the rage right now because it’s an AI assistant like the public has never seen. And it’s even created the company that created the foundation for many of the AIs I mentioned earlier. This thing can give you diet advice, do research on ANY subject for you and write the article. It can write code for an app, and even write a blog post for you. But don’t use it for that because the same company that created CHATGPT works with companies like huggingface.co whose job it is to detect AI-generated writing. And companies similar to hugging face do and will continue to work with search engines to filter AI-generated content while penalizing those who use it for unintended purposes.

So how DO we use it? The same way big companies do! CHAT GPT was created by a company named OpenAI. They are the ones largely responsible for AI use for chatbots. Many companies use it for data research and marketing. That’s how we’re going to use it...

Just a final, personal/professional thought…We need to be careful with this technology. Not just because of the countless jobs that’ll be lost, but because it can eventually create a loop of inception. I don’t think I’m using that right but, there’s a base of information that is the human experience with technology: blog posts, fact sites, articles, and search histories, that AI uses to give you information. Then you use AI to create and put out content. Then the AI uses that info you put out to create more information. Then that information is given to another human or AI who uses it to create another piece of content. And the loop continues. AI will just be feeding itself its own information. Which is sure to get distorted in some way, ending in data that’s either not useful or watered-down.

So, I’m glad that companies are on top of filtering AI-generated content. I just hope they can keep up.

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