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What is UI UX? | Introduction to UI UX Design | UI UX Tutorial for Beginners | Simplilearn

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Published on 01/12/24 / In How-to & Learning

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This video on topic What is UI/UX? is curated by experts in the User Interface and User Experience domain to help the aspiring UI/UX developers to understand the User Interface and User Experience Fundamentals and get a brief understanding on the critical skills required to become an expert UI/ UX Developer and also understand the important roles and responsibilities of a UI/UX Developer in real-time. This UI/UX Tutorial For beginners video by simplilearn will cover the following topics.

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➡ About UI UX Bootcamp
This UI UX Bootcamp by UMass Amherst helps you learn a design-centric approach towards User Interface and User Experience, including UX Research, UI styling, User-Centered Design process, Wireframes; Prototypes, Usability Testing. Practice via Capstone Projects; course wide assignments and projects and create your portfolio on Dribbble

✅ Key Features
- Get professionally certified with a UMass Amherst certificate
- Portfolio creation assistance on Dribbble
- Become a member of the University of Massachusetts - Amherst Alumni Association
- Industry-oriented problem solving via Capstone Projects on Ecommerce, Fitness, Technology industries
- Hands-on learning with Designer Toolkit (Figma, Invision & Balsamiq, Sketch & Mural) for enhanced learning experience
- Hands-on Practical Learning Experience via curriculum-wide assignments & projects
- 8X higher engagement in live online classes by Simplilearn’s Expert Instructors
- Live classes entirely delivered by Simplilearn's Expert Instructors.
- Live Networking Sessions delivered by Top Design Experts from Microsoft

✅ Skills Covered
- UI and Visual Design
- Design Thinking
- Prototyping
- Information and Interaction Design
- Heuristic Evaluation
- User Experience Design
- Product Designing
- Wireframing
- Usability Testing
- User centered design
- Persona mapping
- Empathy mapping
- Clickstream Analysis
- Gestalt principles
- Microcopy

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