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Mad Tsai - stacy's brother (Official Music Video)

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Published on 01/11/23 / In Music

stacy's brother has got it goin' on...

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to you guys for supporting me during my last EP, which has garnered over 100 million streams independently!!! It still blows my mind to this day and I love you guys a ton :') I couldn't of done it without you all so I wanted to make sure the lead single off my next project was even bigger and better than the last. Look carefully throughout the video, because I left easter eggs of what my next EP is called and what the next singles might be... ;) hope you enjoy the song (unless you're Stacy)...

- mad tsai

Mad Tsai as Himself @madsteaparty
Sam Vicchiollo as Stacy's Brother @samvicchiollo
Olivia Mayo as Stacy @itsoliviamayo

Story/Concept by Mad Tsai

Directed by Eliot Lee @imeliot
Produced by Tali Weizman @taliiweizman
EPs: Galileo Mondol @galileomondol & Lopes @myfriendlopes
Production Company: BT Studios @bt.studios

1st AD: Reece Ragusa @reeceragusa
Production Manager: Nour Sayeh @noursayeh

Director of Photography: Gabriel Araujo @notgabriel
1st AC: Max Riley @maxcriley
Steadicam Operator: Garet Jatsek @steadi.g
Camera PA: Nick Nestor @nick_nestor2313

Gaffer: Matthew Pang @pangerz.mp4
BBE: Eric Crain @ericrcrain
Key Grip: Nathan Kadota @nathankadota
BBG: Blake Sepe @sepe3

Production Designer: Lucy Andrews @lulufresh
Wardrobe: Natalie Jastrow @natallejastrow

PA: Zeus Mondol @steadizeus
PA: Bryan Jones @jezusrose
BTS: Samantha Lee @samanthaisasian

Edit by Eliot Lee @imeliot
Color by Cameron Marygold @cameronmarygold

Nicole Stephens @nico1eodeon
Kayla Arellano @kaylaarel
Nina Nelson @ninaannnelson
Brooklyne Webb @brooklynnexo

Football Players:
Tony Diazcervo @tonydiazcervo
Jack Repucci @jack.repucci
Adam Jastrow @adam_jastrow
Eitan @eitan.tfr
Todd @_toddisodd


"stacy's brother" Lyrics:

I’ve been hanging out with Stacy
Everybody thinks that we’re dating
Cause’ I spend my weekends hanging at her house

She’s a part of the cheer team
Top of her class and she’s prom queen
When we study chemistry she unbuttons her blouse

But I got a secret I must confess
It’s not her laugh or the way she’d dress
She’s not the reason I’ve been thinking bout love

Every weekend when we hang out
I lose my cool when he’s around
And I don’t know if this is just a crush

How do I find the words to tell her
I’m in love with Stacy’s brother

I’m gonna stay the night at Stacy’s
Don’t know why my heart’s been racing
Cause’ the whole school thinks we’re gonna hit first base

She’s coming back from her cheer meet
Told me to study for biology
Cause’ she wants to show me how to get an A

But I got a secret I must admit
It’s not her lips I want to kiss
She’s not the reason for the bruises round’ my neck

Every weekend I’m sneaking out
Through the window of her house
And the truth is it ain’t Stacy I undressed

How do I find the words to tell her?
I hooked up with Stacy’s brother

Stacy here’s the truth
And I don’t want to seem rude
You’re not the only one on my mind

I still want to be best friends
But I don’t want to pretend
The way that I’ve behaved is a crime

Oh Stacy, I gotta tell ya
I’m in love with your big brother

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